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Nepal Music Foundation, Nepali Jana Samparka Samiti, Nepal Development Academy & Non-Resident Nepali Association jointly organized a successful program on October 11, 2009 in Amsterdam to celebrate the most important festivals of Nepal Dashain & Tihar.
Welcoming the participants, the president of NRN-NL Govind Rauniyar opened the program with Dashain & Tihar wishes to all Nepali people living in the Netherlands and the friends of Nepal and highlighted the importance of mutual understanding, cooperation and helpfulness among the Nepalese societies in the Netherlands. On the occasion Shashi Paudyal, president of NDA and honorary PR-Representative in the Netherlands, Narayan Acharya, President NJSS and Sharda Baraily, President of NMF wished all visitors a happy and prosperous Vijaya Dashami & Tihar and expressed their happiness to work together for the betterment of the Nepalese people living in the Netherlands and the underprivileged people in Nepal.
Addressing the Dutch and Nepali friends Hari Paudel, vice-president of NDA & NRN-NL described existence of Dashain fastival and its impact on the Nepalese society. ‘Dashain, the most important and greatly celebrated festival is the very popular and bears a value of Nepalese culture. All the government offices or schools and other offices remain closed during the festival period in Nepal. People of all ages, young to old, take this festival as good and holy day to bless and wish good to their relatives and friends. Older people offer tika along with blessing to the juniors and well-wishers.’ The Dashain tika was received by the visitors from Shashi Paudyal together with Sharmila Pradhan.
The cultural program was started with the opening dance of Barsha Khadka, a well-known artist associated with Nepal Music Foundation and completed with the Nepali disco by DJ Anjan Gurung. The musical program consisted of many interesting items performed by Sanod Kulu, Santos Basnet and Prabin Baniya and the classical and folk dances were performed by Pushpa Baruwal and Barsha Khadka along with Sangita, Anusha, Rituka, Samira, Prena, etcetera. The artists have performed their arts with full of soul and with love for the Nepalese culture and tradition. In between the cultural program a typical Nepali drama ‘Anugaman’ has been acted by Pushpa, Santosh, Barsha and Sanod. This drama brought the people indirectly to the daily life of Nepal and was very watch worthy and appropriate.
The comedy ‘Culture Clash’ performed by Shashi Paudyal and Ramesh Shrestha was another highlight of the program, along with interesting and meaningful poems of Hari Paudel, Fanindra Panta and Pushpa Baruwal. After serving the delicious Nepalese food and having an informal get-together the Dashain & Tihar program was officially concluded by the president of Jana Samparka Samiti Netherlands with a vote of thanks to the participants of the occasion.
The organizing committee of Dashain & Tihar would like to thank you all for being a part of the celebration. Special gratitude goes to Johanneke Pas and Sharda Baraily for their indispensible contribution and Nepal Music Foundation for its memorable performances. We are also thankful to the sponsors Nepal Development Academy and Sherpa Restaurant in Amsterdam for making this important event possible.

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  • A youtobe film for your impression by SH GIRI
  • 188 photos by Gaurab Poudel, please enter this password:ams09dashin to open the file


    12:30 Entering the theater hall with Dashain Tika
    13:00 Opening ceremony with typical nepali classical dance
    13:15 Welcome and Dashain greeting by Govind Rauniyar, president NRN-NL
    13:30 Dashain explanation for the Dutch audience by Hari Paudel
    13:45 Music, dance & cultural performances (1st part)
    15:00 Interval
    15:15 Music, dance & cultural performances (2nd part)
    17:00 Nepali disco [ Nep-Tantra, N-Mantra, Holimix & bolly hip-mix] by DJ Anjan Gurung
    18:00 Closing cultural program
    18:30 Dinner & reception in the foyer
    21:00 Closing Dashain program